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The Ranch - Ashton Kutcher Sitcom
starring: Ashton Kutcher

The Ranch - Ashton Kutcher Sitcom tickets for free

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Warner Bros. Studios Gate 3
4301 W. Olive Ave.,
Burbank, CA

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The Ranch - Ashton Kutcher Sitcom Tickets

Life is about to change for former high school phenom Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) when he returns home to his family's small town Colorado ranch after fifteen years trying to make it as a professional quarterback.

On the ranch lives his father, Beau Bennett (Sam Elliott), a no-nonsense cattleman who wants things done the right way- his way, and Colt's older brother, Jameson Bennett (Danny Masterson), who's never managed to escape small town but couldn't be happier about it. Pretty much the only thing to do in town after a long day at the cattle ranch is to hang out at Maggie's Saloon.

Maggie (Debra Winger) is Colt's & Jameson's mom, who left Beau a few years back. She still stops by the ranch often to see her boys and spar with Beau. Colt ends up helping out his father and brother when he realizes they're struggling to keep the ranch afloat. It's about family, redemption, forgiveness and everything else that comes with life in a small town.


The Ranch - Ashton Kutcher Sitcom Tickets

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The Ranch - Ashton Kutcher Sitcom Tickets Free