Charlie Sheen Screening Tickets for Free

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Charlie Sheen Screening
starring: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Screening tickets for free

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ABC Television Center
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA

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Charlie Sheen Screening Tickets

Charlie Sheen stars as "Charlie," in his brand new off the wall Sit Com, as a non-traditional therapist specializing in 'anger management'. Can you imagine, of all people. lol.

THIS THE FIRST TIME THE PUBLIC GETS TO SEE THIS NEW CHARLIE SHEEN TV SIT COM ADVENTURE. You will be seeing 3, 22 minute hysterical shows over 2 hours. The shows were filmed quietly without an audience and Charlie needs the laugh track added in. That's us. What a cool adventure. Could probably sell it to the National Enquirer.. lol. It's going to be fun. And your laughter will be in the final cut being shown.

ADDITIONALLY STARRING: Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Michael Arden, and Noureen DeWulf co-star.

You will be in the Studio previewing and recording your reactions for the tapes to be aired.

Charlie thrives on the chaos in his life while still battling his own anger issues. His life is complicated by his relationships with his own therapist/best friend, an ex-wife whose positive outlook but poor choice in men frustrates Charlie, and their 13-year-old daughter who has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Now you can be one of the first people in the world to see Charlie Sheen's new show, 'ANGER MANAGEMENT!'

DO NOT MISS this once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of television history with Charlie Sheen's new show 'ANGER MANAGEMENT!


Charlie Sheen Screening Tickets

The minimum age for this event is 18.

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Watch the trailer for 'Anger Management'!


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Charlie Sheen Screening Tickets Free