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NY - The Colbert Report
starring: Steven Colbert

NY - The Colbert Report  tickets for free

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NY - The Colbert Report Tickets

"On October 17th, 2005, television and linguistic history was made with the premiere of The Colbert Report, hosted by former Daily Show correspondent and bear-hating patriot Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. It was on that show that Stephen coined the word " truthiness", which went on to become Merriam-Webster's 2006 Word of the Year.

Almost immediately, his fan base demanded to know more about their icon, and thus, rabid fan site Colbert Nation was born. It wasn't long before Stephen had a Hungarian bridge named after him and an ice cream flavor created in his honor.

With the gravitas of Stone Phillips and the spirit of Captain America, nobody feels the news at you like Stephen Colbert. Papa Bear must be proud."(Comedy Central)


NY - The Colbert Report Tickets

The minimum age for this event is 18.

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NY - The Colbert Report Tickets Free