NY - Rachael Ray Tickets for Free

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NY - Rachael Ray
starring: Rachael Ray

NY - Rachael Ray tickets for free

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NY - Rachael Ray Tickets

Host Rachael Ray presents easy problem solving for common issues, offering viewers unique information as well as entertaining ways to get just a little more out of every day life.
what to wear:

Dress your best! All audience members must follow a business casual dress code.


capri/gaucho pants
tank tops
ripped jeans
flip flops
sleeveless tops
very busy patterns
white or primarily white/off-white/light pink tops or shirts
jogging suits or velour pant suits

You’ll look your best wearing solid, jewel-toned colors (deep blues, reds, greens, etc.).

We have the right to deny anyone who does not follow guidelines.

what you should bring:

Valid photo identification and your Rachael Ray ticket email

what you can't bring:

• Food or drinks
• Suitcases and/or large bags due to security reasons
• Chewing gum, cameras, recorders, cell phones, pagers, or similar electronic devices are not permitted once in the studio.


NY - Rachael Ray Tickets

The minimum age for this event is 18.

The only way to get tickets is to visit the Rachael Ray Show website and fill out the online form by Clicking HERE


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NY - Rachael Ray Tickets Free