NY - The Peoplešs Court Tickets for Free

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NY - The Peoplešs Court
starring: Marilyn Milian

NY - The Peoplešs Court tickets for free

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New York Various Studios


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NY - The Peoplešs Court Tickets

The People's Court was the first widely popular American "judge show" in which actual small claims court cases are heard. Judge Milian's 'supporting cast includes court reporter Curt Chaplin, Bailiff Douglas MacIntosh, and legal expert Harvey Levin.


NY - The Peoplešs Court Tickets

The minimum age for this event is 18.

The show's web page is currently being redesigned but there are still two ways to get tickets. Send an email with your name, phone #, requested date of attendance, and number of tickets to "tickets@peoplescourt.com" Or simply call 1-888-780-8587


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NY - The Peoplešs Court Tickets Free