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How To Be A Paid Extra

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As an EXTRA, your days on the set will be varied and your schedule never routine. Flexibility is the key. One day you may have a "call " {the time that you are required ON SET} of 6 a.m. and on another day 7 p.m. Whatever the time, punctuality is absolutely essential. Being late can hold up a shooting schedule and can cost valuable time and money. If you are late, you could be sent home without pay and not be allowed to work again for that PRODUCTION COMPANY.

In order make your call time, you will need to allow enough time to get ready and to arrive on the set. Plan ahead. Also, be sure you understand what the scene is about so that you are dressed appropriately. We'll talk about how you will know in advance how to dress a little later in this booklet.

Production Staff hierarchy

The Director directs the main Actors.
The 1st AD (Assistant Director) works very intimately and closely with the Director. He rarely leaves the proximity of the Director. The 1st makes everything happen that the Director needs to get his shot.
The 2nd AD usually works under and answers to the 1st AD. He or She usually carries out the fine tuning, especially getting the Extras doing what they're supposed to do. You can usually recognize one...they always seem to be saying "quiet on the set" or "cut".

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