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How To Be A Paid Extra

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Are you living in say Kentucky? Or perhaps in South Dakota right now and wondering about how to break into Film or TV.

You're young or talented or just ready to change your life. You want in. Perhaps you are ready to move here to be in "The Industry". And if you're not here yet, you're thinking of coming out here to break into Acting.

Or are you here, finally, at last? In Hollywood, the walk of fame, the home of the Oscars, the gates opening onto the sacred homes of film and TV...Paramount, NBC, Universal, Disney, CBS...they are all here.

The hills cry out the name Hollywood in 30 foot letters. Limos come and go. You pass city streets and neighborhoods blocked by CHP (California Highway Patrol), Production trucks, Huge kelog lights lighting up whole city blocks, there are actors and cameras and here you are. And your heart cries out, I want to be a part of all this magic.

If You Want To Know:

  • How to make money being an extra
  • How to get jobs and find the lists of available work
  • Info on good as well as honest photographers for headshots
  • The why and how of getting into SAG or AFTRA. The difference between them.
  • Extra Casting Agencies information. The what are they are and who they are Where to find them and how to sign up with them?
  • What to expect on the set
  • How to make connections on the set
  • Appropriate behavior on the set
  • What happens at the end of the day?
  • How do you get paid?
  • How to get people to hire you again
  • Networking with other actors
  • What to look out for...scams and dishonest people
  • Interviewing, resumes and headshot info

>Lights, camera, action!

Welcome Everybody to the wonderful Wonderful world World of Show Biz.

Being an EXTRA on a television show, music video, commercial or film is exciting and thrilling and just about anyone can work in this business, including you.

Whether you're 8 or 80 years old, large or or thinsmall, black or , white, tall, or short - you can do it. The only requirements nnecessary eeded to make good money are flexibility, focus, and a great attitude for you to make good money as an EXTRA. If you desire the fun job of EXTRA work, thise following booklet will help you to begin. Help you to begin, even if you don't live in Hollywood.

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