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  1. How working as an extra can get you a SAG card and a talent agent.
    Networking in the entertainment industry and how to find acting auditions and make contacts
  2. SoYouWanna be a movie extra?
    Okay everybody, SHUT UP! Now go stand over there for ten hours until we tell you to walk quickly in front of the camera for six seconds
  3. The Extra Scene
    A guide to web resources for movie extras. Links: newcomers, individual experiences, casting directors, books.
  4. Agencies Casting Engine - VIP Casting Talent - (Actors, Fashion Models, New
    Professional Casting Engine - VIP Casting - Make an online screen test! Find the talent ... Desk Contact us Gifts SEARCH JOIN CASTING MEMBERS " TARGET="_blank">FORUM Casting calls Date (D/M/Y) Lisa ...
  5. AP Casting Headshot Database
    AP Casting searchable headshot database. The web's most comprehensive Texas acting resource, LSA will help you find an actor quickly. Actors can update their resumes online.
  6. - The Online-Casting Book by Casting Studio
    An online presentation of actors, models, people and other talent, which is represented by Casting Studio
  7. Creative Extras Casting
    FEATURES Disney/Touchstone Warner Bros. Disney/Touchstone Warner Bros. Paramount Columbia/Sony NBC Ambling/Universal TELEVISION Cutting Edge Entertainment. Amblin/Universal Disney/Touchstone Paramount Columbia
  8. Dialup Virtual Casting
    database of actors, models, extras, entertainers and more.
  9. Experiences of a Hollywood Extra
    Table of Contents for an online book about my experiences as an extra. Includes inks to each chapter and to a page of images.
  10. Extras Casting
    Provider of extras for the entertainment industry.
  11. Extras Casting
    Directory of extras for casting directors.
  12. Extras Casting Guild
    Provides casting information casting and notices as well as providing assistance to background actors.
  13. Extras Casting Guild provides TV extras casting information, online casting services and information to Casting...
    TV extras and movie extras can find casting information and the extras casting notices they need with online Extras Casting Guild. Our goal is to provide assistance to Background Actors.
  14. Film casting auditions for actors.
    Film casting auditions for actors, our site is seen by agents in theatre film television, submit headshots resumes to SAG or AFTRA equity.
  15. Free Casting Agents
    A directory filled with casting agents nationwide. Auditions for actors, models and comedians. We also have extra and filming jobs available
  16. HOLLYWOODWEB: The Casting Search Center.
    The Casting Search Center Join the entertainment industry's fastest growing casting and booking system, HOLLYWOODWEB. Located in the heart of Hollywood, HOLLYWOODWEB is the world's premier Internet-based list.
  17. Job Hotlines for Talent and Crew
    HOTLINES FOR TALENT: AFTRA (American Federation of Television & Radio Artists) casting hotline in Hollywood (323) 634-8263. Holzer & Ridge Casting Hotline in Chicago (Extras) Males call: (773) 549-316
  18. Movie Extra Casting
    ShowBiz Ltd. has all of the current movie and extra casting. Mailing lists and labels.
    Registration and resume posting, email between casting agencies and extras, chat, and more.
  20. SoYouWanna be a movie extra?
    To get e-mails alerting you of FREE offers, select any areas of interest: SYW make a low-budget movie? SYW pitch a TV show? SYW get a talent agent? How to Be a Working Actor Acting Careers MORE BOOKS.
  21. SoYouWanna be a movie extra?
    Get work by following these tips
  22. Talentworks
    For casting professionals, established actors, extras and undiscovered talent worldwide.
  23. THE CASTING COLLECTIVE - The Casting Agency for Film Extras & Background
    A background artiste casting agency, supplying extras for feature films, television commercials, pop videos. We have worked on Star Wars, Eyes Wide Shut and Gladiator.
  24. The Extra Scene
    A guide to web resources for movie extras. Links: newcomers, individual experiences, casting directors, books.
  25. UBN Movies
    Offering TV and film extras casting.

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