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Actors Equity Association theater union
Assistant Director
american film institue
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
American Guild of Variety Artists
Background Actor
extras that are in crowd type scenes, not featured
Blocking planning
the movement and action of a scene
detailed list of parts available on a specific project
this is the job
Call back
they like you and want to see you again...this is good
Call sheet
this is a list of whos doing what where usually for a specific day
Casting director
this is the one who you read for before you get to be considered by the actual director and/or producer.
Cattle call
open call...anyone can show up to vie for the job
Cold reading
an audition with no or very little time to prepare
shot with more than one picture...different looks
is your dialoge from the script
matching words, scenes and props today tomorrow and yesterday...
the director is the only one who gets to yell this to stop the action
these are the days shoots of film
Day player
hired for a day
Demo tape
video of work you've done...kind of a moving resume
Directors Guild of America, a union for directors
stand in for a star...for rehearsal or actual non-specific and non-recognized show
Equity waiver
LA only ...don't have to be member of a union to be in a small play (under 99 seats)
Someone who fills in the background of a feature film, TV show etc. Usually not a speaking part.
There are all kinds of agents...these are the people that rep you and help get you work and make sure you get paid
special effects
someone on the set that runs errands...a great entry position to prove yourself
Golden time
Head Shot
this is an 8x10 still photo of you that you use to submit yourself
period of time that a TV show is not in actual production
IATSE International
alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees is a union for trade and crew people
Where the filming is taking place.
Your mark
where you stand usually marked by a piece of tape on the floor
a solo piece
National association of Broadcast employees and Technicians
Open call
any one can show up
when you work over contracted hours...this is the extra rate of pay
production assistant...this is the best of the best entree jobs to get into and LEARN and make connections in the industry
Per Diem
per day rate and money and pay for extra meals, expenses
this is what you want to be...speaking parts
Print work
this is for still photos.... magazines
Pick up
added take because of something having gone wrong
full on production of a new TV game show, sitcom or talk show that the producer hopes to sell to be picked up
shot point of view shot...from the cameras point of view
there are as many types of producers as there is gold in fort Knox...these are the people that have a say in how a film or TV production is run. They decide everything from casting; to crew to final product...mostly they make sure that the money spent will have a profitable return.
this is the money you get each time your film or TV show is rerun or rebroadcast
has all the particulars and credits you can make up or prove...attached to your headshot
Reoccurring part
a part that you come back to play on a TV show
screen actors guild
minimum pay for someone in this industry
sound effects
pages for auditions
say your name
society of stage directors and choreographers
Station 12
don't pay your dues and you can't work
Stand Ins
Stunt coordinator
person who designs, plans and is in charge of executing a stunt
Stunt double
Stage manager
in charge of everything going on stage
what your agent sends picture for specific part
Taft Hartley Act
Allowed to be hired to act without having your union card...usually is a step towards getting your union card
this is a scene shot
Take 5
five minute break
TV type screen that has script and dialog that you can read from. Used a lot on award shows or anything live
newspapers and periodicals featuring entertainment news and info
Voice over
can be cartoons, announcements, etc that is heard but the person saying things behind the scenes
Walk on
no dialogue part ... is a cast part
Wardrobe Fitting
you get paid when you go for fitting
Writers Guild of America
announcement calling for the end of the filming.

These are very very brief descriptions of just the bare bones minimum ters and jobs on the the TV and Film set.

You can order our booklets that describe these aspects of film making in more detail below. Names of companies, schools, unions, interviews and more are included in these booklets. Also a bibliography of suggested further reading

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